Open Source! Rapidly prototype your mobile app then publish it for your company to use.
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create your own mobile app from scratch
How It Works
Create your prototype. Review the results in the Prasso app. Personalize your mobile app with branding and content. After you approve the prototype, we will publish your app and you can start sharing it with your audience. Or if you desire a fully self hosted option - get the source code from the link below.
Get the Source
Rapid Prototype
Prasso is first a rapid prototyping tool. Assemble your app using no-code pages which have been built to prove your concept. Then release it to prove the concept works.

No Code Options
Prasso unites multiple web tools into one mobile app. For example, a forum could be a tab, a YouTube channel could be a tab, a calendar scheduler could be a tab. Together the tabs assemble into a personalized app.

A Prasso site is both business information site and Prasso api site. The api serves the Prasso apps. Apps can be assembled/ built at a Prasso site using the admin tools. And then when a user with an assigned team and app logs into the mobile app, the assembled presentation becomes their personalized mobile app.

Businesses We've Helped

Our Portfolio

Here are some examples of the amazing apps we've created for small businesses just like yours.

Faith Lake City

Family-Oriented and Biblical church in Lake City, Florida

Go Go Delivery

Easily schedule and track your deliveries with our platform.


Developer site that highlights Prasso functionality.

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